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Department of English

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Department of English

The Department of English Literature was established in the year 2014. The Department offers 3 years Under Graduate Degree program & 2-year Master’s Degree Program. The Department of English houses a vibrant, diverse, and engaged faculty who seek to instill a love for the language and effective communication skills in their students. Our publications, classrooms, and service are centered on the study of literature, film, and Culture. It has effectively contributed to the flourishing minds imbued with imagination and critical thinking. The Department of English has a pivotal role to make students reach an advanced level of proficiency in English, as a support subject to other departments. The ultimate aim of the department is to prioritize a vibrant research environment. The Tagore Literary Association initiated by the Department of English strives to bring out the talents of every individual in various literary aspects. It looks forward to contributing positively to enhancing and sustaining quality literary studies by providing an excellent educational milieu.


To make students from divergent backgrounds experience and significantly examine the transformative power of liberal and progressive ideas as the first step towards achieving a more just and inclusive society.