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(For Women)

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About Department

Home Science is a dynamic and ever growing field of education. It is an applied field built upon an interdisciplinary studies comprising of Foods and Nutrition, Human Development, Resource Management, Textiles and Clothing and Extension & Communication. Each of these Departments is also multi-disciplinary in nature dealing with the ‘art and science of living’. Home science is a semi- professional applied science course. For a student who wants to pursue sciences, Home Science still keeps them in science track and does not totally wean them away from sciences. It orients a student to acquire comprehensive knowledge and skill and skill in all areas related to human mind, body and environment. It is a study of life and the art of living achieve a decent, healthy and beautiful personal, family and social bonding.

The development of Home Science education reflects social pressures that are evident around the turn of the century. It is a need-based, professionally oriented education to assist family and community towards improved living. In the context of growing pressures in the work environment and external world, the family assumes a significant role in shaping the citizens of tomorrow. The family is the main factor which protects the individuals from all external forces and provides the right type of atmosphere for children to grow into strong and independent personalities. Home Science, then becomes the key subject in shaping the future course of our lives, as it equips the future citizens with relevant knowledge, competencies and prepares them to become efficient custodians of the nation’s future.


To educate and foster the enthusiasm to gain knowledge and skills in Home Science.


The department of Home Science envisages to transform the young women into effective managers of their lives and careers and to be the change for the society


The main aim of these courses is to provide a thoroughly scientific education for women, in the principles underlying the conduct and organization of home life, in order to equip them well, and adequately, for the part they have to play.

The objectives of the present B.Sc. Program Home Science course are

  • To understand and appreciate the role of interdisciplinary sciences in the development and well- being of individuals, families and communities
  • To learn about the sciences and technologies that enhances quality of the life of people
  • To acquire professional and entrepreneurial skills for economic empowerment of the student in particular, and community in general.
  • To develop professional skills in food, nutrition, textiles, housing, product making, communication technologies and human development
  • To take science from the laboratory to the people.

Program Outcomes

  • The home science student has lots of opportunities in private sector in Teaching, Sales, Technical section, Services and so on.
  • They can enter jobs in food preservation, hotel industry, cooking, food industry etc.
  • They can enter the service field by creating awareness among people especially in remote areas and working with them as a dietitian or counselor.
  • They can enter the marketing field through sales and by marketing food products.
  • In manufacturing industries they can enter as assistant in operations.
  • They employed as a nutritionist in various food industries.
  • In Government sectors the students have opportunity to be as child development project officers. ICDS project officers.


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Mrs. E.Keerthidevi
M. Sc.
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